EC Coder

AMACO Coders are highly recommended for printing on packages in the medical- and food industry.

The EC3-Coder:

Due to their compact construction the EC-Coders offer a wide range of applications. Packaging machines like roll stock machines and cardboard packaging systems but also labeling and filling units, wrapping- and form-fill-seal machines or check lines are only a few applications to be mentioned of the large range possible for the EC-Coders. There are almost no limits for the different materials to be printed on: whether on film (plastic films or aluminum foils), paper, cardboard, metal or lacquered surfaces, the EC-Coders always produce a proper, readable print and they are very easy to maintain too.

Technical data of the EC3-Coder:

  • print area: max. 50 x 50 mm
  • cycle rate: up to 100 cycles/minute (depends on packaging machine)
  • pneumatic: 3 bar (43 psi)


any position possible (even upside down) - The position of the EC-Coders on the mounting frame can be changed without tools in a few seconds.

Positioning systems for the EC3-Coder:

The EC-Coder can be fitted on both, pneumatic (PPS) or electronic (FPS-AC) positioning systems from AMACO. Thus the most diverse formats can be printed, as well as a rapid and flexible change executed between different formats.


  • ink cartridges in various colors
  • characters and clichés for the desired print
  • electro-pneumatic control box
  • support column and mounting frame
  • positioning systems
  • artwork service

Advantages of the EC3-Coder:

  • up to 80% savings on daily operating expenses compared to hot foil coders
  • beneficially low investment costs
  • minimal running costs for rubber types and clichés
  • high cycle rate, no loss in productivity
  • minimal down time due to easy and quick change of ink cartridge and data
  • innovative design with optimized dimensions
  • no heating costs, no danger of burns, immediately ready for use
  • no leakage through damage of the printed packs
  • installation in any position
  • capable of using in high humidity areas
  • easy retrofitting on existing packaging machines

Print sample:

If you are interested in a concrete quotation for an AMACO printing device, please complete the checklist form with the required information: pdf-file / word-file