Flexographic Printer

Flexoprinter DV is the best way to print on medical packs. AMACO's flexographic printers are designed to print on medical paper as well as on TYVEK™, plastic film and aluminum foil . The printer is installed on intermittent running packaging machines in front of the sealing station. The printing is easier and saves money compared to the traditional technique. With flexographic printers by AMACO you will obtain excellent print quality with a maximum of flexibility.


  • printers are faster now: quicklift
  • cylinders for higher print cycles
  • though reduced air consumption

Print alignment: The integrated print alignment makes it easy to place the print to the correct position on the package (e.g. if the print or the format is changed). Even the photocell of the packaging machine is no longer necessary with plain top web.

Operating elements: Makes operation easy : One press of a button activates the control of the printer. The print process is synchronised with the packaging machine.

Print plates instead of print cylinders: The superior technique of the flexographic printer allows you to use print plates instead of print cylinders. This means less attrition and easier positioning of clichés and single letters. The combined print plate is separated in a magnetic Photopolymer cliché section for the unchanged part of the print and a section for variable data (e.g. batch no, lot no, sterilisation data, ...) where single rubber types or blocks are used. This application in particular leads to a very high level of flexibility. Photopolymer clichés are stuck on a magnetic plate so an exchange can be done in seconds. This saves time and running costs at each change of the print.

Multiple ink supply system (AFS): Simple handling of ink. The special multiple ink supply system (AFS) allows for the colour to be changed very quickly without the need of any tool. This system is custom-made according the required colours. Furthermore the AFS is suitable for special inks. Due to our recommended ink there is minimum cleaning expense for the printer - no daily cleaning necessary. Except for the change of colour the ink system should only be cleaned every 3 months. Ink which has been dried out after a night or a weekend will be reactivated by the touch of liquid ink.

Ink pump: The ink circulates by means of a pneumatic diaphragm pump - a compact and closed solution. Last but not least: the thinner used for cleaning is not an expensive waste product to be recycled, but can be added to the ink again.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • flexographic printers are PLC controlled
  • applicable for all thermoformers due to autostart function
  • process is indicated by LED
  • automatic control of ink quantity in the ink unit
  • suitable for film- and paper width up to 620 mm
  • print plate is fixed magnetically
  • excellent print quality
  • consequently cheaper blank paper can be used
  • easy to change clichés
  • substantially higher flexibility at any change of the print, no waste of paper
  • easy to position the letters on the print plate
  • print plates are less expensive than print cylinders
  • no expensive pre-inked rollers are necessary
  • colour can be changed without any tool
  • no daily cleaning necessary
  • contrast of print and drying time can be varied with thinner
  • no control with photo eye is necessary
  • You will get a complete package

Available sizes:



max. print length
in direction of
web advance

max. print width

DV76 200 mm 300 mm
DV116 300 mm 400 mm
DV131 300 mm 400 mm
DV141 350 mm 400 mm
DV232 300 mm 600 mm
DV332 450 mm 400 mm
DV432 450 mm 500 mm

Print sample on medical paper

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