Digital Printer D-JET

AMACO’s digital printer D–JET is designed for full size printing of fixed and variable data on unprinted as well as preprinted material (medical paper or Tyvek™). The installation will be done directly on the packaging machine.
The main advantage of the D–JET is the enormous flexibility in creating the print layout and fast format change. The supplied software enables you to create, safe and print any text, logos, codes and variable data very easy. Any change of your layout can be done in seconds. The change  of ink bottle can be done without stopping the production.  AMACO’s digital printer uses the latest high speed “DOD HI-RES Piezo Inkjet” technology.

Your advantages at a glance:

Cost saving:

  • Low operating costs
  • Long production cycle
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Flexible procurement of packaging material
  • No additional print accessories required (e.g. print plate, print cylinder, cliché, rubber type,…)


  • Constant print quality and contrast
  • No wearable parts
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy synchronisation with the packaging machine
  • Space saving construction using stainless steel frame


  • Printing during advance of the packaging machine
  • no reduction of cycle time
  • Hi-Res piezo on demand (DOD) new generation print heads
  • Scratch resistant touch display
  • Print preview on display
  • Automatic purge position
  • Windows and NiceLabel driver for flexible IT integration
  • USB and ethernet connection for file transfer
  • Monitoring of ink level

Technical data:

Maximum paper width: 450mm / 560mm / 700mm (more on request)
Maximum print width: 350mm / 420mm / 560mm (more on request)
Maximum print length in advance direction:  up to 1000mm (more on request)
Number of lanes across to advance direction: multiple lanes possible
Number of rows in advance direction: multiple rows possible
Print resolution: 180x180 dpi or 180x up to 360 dpi in print advance direction
Maximum cycles (intermittent): depending on packaging machine
Print speed (mm/s, continuous): up to 1000mm per second, depending on the print resolution

If you are interested in a concrete quotation for an AMACO printing device, please complete the checklist form with the required information: pdf-file / word-file