Rotary printer

The AMACO rotary printer R400 is designed to print on high speed packaging machines.

General description:

The rotary printer is powered by an electronic controlled stepper motor. The speed of the print cylinder is synchronised with the web speed by means of an incremental revolution counter. So even different web speeds do not influence the superior print quality.

During the standstill of the packaging machine the stereo picks up the ink from the ink unit. Printing is done while the web moves through the printer. The Photopolymer stereo sticks to the print cylinder magnetically, therefore easy to exchange. A diaphragm pump keeps the ink recirculating. Parameters for the operation of the printer are put in by a laptop, so they can be checked at any time. 

Technical data of the R400:

dimensions:  length: 500 mm, width: 860 mm, height: 700 mm
power supply:  3 x 230 VAC (-10%) ...... 3 x 480 VAC (+10%), 50.....60 Hz  max. 1,0 kVA
air supply:  85 psi oiled air (1L /min.)
print area:  length: max. 450 mm   width: max. 400 mm
web width:  max. 440 mm
capacity:  25 prints per minute
printable materials:  med. paper, TYVEK, aluminium foil, PA/PE foil
on all intermittent running packaging machines

If you are interested in a concrete quotation for an AMACO printing device, please complete the checklist form with the required information: pdf-file / word-file