Refurbished Printers

We are always pleased to get a second hand printer to serve special requirements. Just tell us if you want to exchange a printer.All printers are fully serviced and you will get warranty like a new AMACO printer.

Thermal Transfer Printer TT 25-128/FPS

The TT 25 printers are designed to use on intermettend runing packaging machines. Top web width may be up to 570 mm. The integrated FPS film positioning system enables to print on multiple die sets.
width of print head is 128 mm.
Thermal Transfer Printer TTci 15

TTci printers are designed to use on intermettend as also on continuous runing packaging machines to print the tip web.
width of print up to 53 mm.
Horizontal Positioning Unit HPS

coder movable for multiple lines (PLC controlled) for web width up to 430 mm
Film Positioning Unit FPS-S2

top web can be moved for 2-up die sets for web width up to 620 mm


Price and Delivery

Please contact AMACO sales team for detailed information.