FPS - Film Positioning System

The best solution for double and multiple formats!

The FPS allows to print multiple lines (1-4) during one film advance. The FPS is space saving and installed as an insert module in the thermal transfer printer. Via an internal positioning unit the printer itself does not need to be moved, but the paper or film will be. Up to 12 machine cycles per minute are possible. Due you don't need a further thermal transfer printer the FPS downsizes the costs of investment as well as running expenses.

Handling is user-friendly, which was implemented via easy-access opening mechanism. It is possible to upgrade an existing thermal transfer printer with the FPS anytime.

Double printing function:

With this innovative development the FPS in combination with the "double printing function" software, enables the printing of labels that are larger then the print head itself. The layout is separated into two parts and the data is transmitted to the printer. Then the print head prints the first part of the layout, afterwards the FPS moves the web, before the second part of the layout is printed. This printing is done during ONE film advance of the packaging machine. The largest possible print head of 128 mm can print layouts up to a width of 250 mm!

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