The company was founded in 1982 by Mr. Josef Vonach, as a private company. In the year 1989 Mr. Vonach founded a subsidiary company in Lindau/Germany. Today's legal form of a limited company was modified in 1997. Mr. Matthias Klaudrat joint the company in 2016 as additional managing director and owner.

Target of our company

AMACO is an independent company in the field of printing on packages and on products. AMACO solves several kind of printing requirements to the best of his ability. Our aim is a long term relationship to our partners. The AMACO team works in a harmonious and efficient manner and the team regards all customers, suppliers or bankers as partners.

Field of activities

AMACO as systems supplier for printing and coding on packages and products supports customers all over the world. Our activities are mainly separated into the following fields:


Our coders are used to mark or print on packages in the food and in the non-food area. Printing the expiry date, lot number, weight, etc. on each package is a standard application for our coders.

Flexographic Printers

Mainly in the medical industry you'll find our flexo printers to print all required information on the package of disposable products like syringes, needles, compresses, infusion sets etc. So the print is on medical paper or on Tyvek. The high flexibility the customer achieves with our printer makes it worth to invest.

Thermal Transfer Printers

Thermal Transfer Printers are able to print different dates directly on plastic film or paper used by the packaging machine. Dates of variable texts, bar codes, graphic symbols and even logos, can be requested and printed within seconds. The latest technology of Thermal Transfer Systems and a large printing area make it possible to meet all coding demands at a reasonable cost level and short periods of stand still.

Digital Printers

AMACO’s digital printer D–Flex is designed for full size printing of fixed and variable data on unprinted as well as preprinted material (medical paper or Tyvek™). The installation will be done directly on the packaging machine. The main advantage of the D–FLEX is the enormous flexibility in creating the print layout and fast format change.